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Documentation created: 10/02/2014
Latest update: 30/08/2016
By: WebAppLayers Team
Theme version 2.6

For HTML/CSS documentation go to: Static HTML/CSS documentation.
For AngularJS documentation go to: AngularJS documentation.
For ASP.NET MVC documentation go to: ASP.NET MVC documentation.
For Meteor documentation go to: METEOR documentation.

About the documentation

This documentation is focused on Ruby on Rails version. It assumes a minimum knowledge of Ruby technology and Rails framework. It describe mainly files and structure in project. Please note that this documentation is dedicated to the main element of the template. With each version, we will try to develop it. But if you have any questions going beyond what is described here don't hesitate to write to us.

First run

To run Rails version you will need Ruby language version 2.0 or newer and RubyGems packaging system which is installed with Ruby versions 1.9 and later.

Firstly you will need to install all dependencies. Go to app folder and run.

bundle install

Next you can run a simple server

rails s

And after that go to localhost:3000 to browse the app.

Technology and structure

Tool and Technologies used:

  • Ruby 2.1.3
  • Rails 4.0.2
  • Bootstrap 3 UI Framework.
  • INSPINIA resources

Folders and files

INSPINIA Ruby on Rails template consists project files for Visual Studio 2013 with below structure:

    ├── app/
    ├── bin/
    ├── config/
    ├── db/
    ├── lib/
    ├── log/
    ├── public/
    ├── test/
    ├── tmp/
    ├── vendor/
    ├── config.ru
    ├── Gamefile
    ├── Gamefile.lock
    ├── Rakefile

Main _Layout.cshtml

Main layout are created with few main elements:

  1. _navigation left sidebar navigation.
  2. _topnavbar top navigation with second menu.
  3. yield main container for page elements.
  4. _footer footer element.
page structure

Layout structure

Page <head /> contains Metadata and CSS files for theme. We use special section stylesheet_link_tag params[:controller], to import styles for specific vendor plugins on pages that need it based on controller name.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <title>INSPINIA | Responsive admin theme</title>

    <!-- Include style per-controller - vendor plugins -->
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag params[:controller] if ::Rails.application.assets.find_asset("#{params[:controller]}.css") %>

    <!-- Main css styles -->
    <%= stylesheet_link_tag    'application', media: 'all', 'data-turbolinks-track' => true %>

    <!-- Main javascript files -->
    <%= javascript_include_tag 'application', 'data-turbolinks-track' => true %>
    <%= csrf_meta_tags %>


Main file structure

IMPORTANT - Main stucture of application.html.erb file.

<!-- Skin configuration box -->
<%= render 'layouts/skinconfig' %>

    <!-- Wrapper-->
    <div id="wrapper" class="<%= params[:controller] %>.<%= params[:action] %>">

        <!-- Navigation -->
        <%= render 'layouts/navigation' %>

        <!-- Page wraper -->
        <div id="page-wrapper" class="gray-bg <%= @extra_class %>">

            <!-- Page wrapper -->
            <%= render 'layouts/topnavbar' %>

            <!-- Main view  -->
            <%= yield %>

            <!-- Footer -->
            <%= render 'layouts/footer' %>

        <!-- End page wrapper-->

        <!-- Right sidebar -->
        <%= render 'layouts/rightsidebar' %>

    <!-- End wrapper-->

Page Script

On bottom of file are script located. application.js contains all major plugin scripts and Inspinia scripts. In section yield :javascript, will be import scripts for specific plugins on pages that need it and in section javascript_include_tag params[:controller] will be import specific vendor scripts on pages that need it based on controller name.

<!-- Include javascript per-controller - vendor plugins -->
<%= javascript_include_tag params[:controller] if ::Rails.application.assets.find_asset("#{params[:controller]}.js") %>

<!-- Include javascript per-view -->
<!-- For demo purpose we include javascript in view but you can easily start SeedProject and organize it with Rails asset pipeline as you want -->
<%= yield :javascript %>


Inspinia provide few option for you layout app. There are:

  • Fixed sidebar
  • Fixed navbar
  • Fixed footer
  • RTL support
  • Layout 2 (top navigation)
  • Off canvas menu
  • Skins

Fixed sidebar

Fixed sidebar is a sidebar that is sticked on screen.

To add fixed sidebar you need to add .fixed-sidebar class to body.

    <body class="fixed-sidebar">

Next we will need to add slimScroll handle for sidebar. Go to app/assets/javascripts/inspinia.js file and find // Fixed Sidebar comment and uncomment function below it so it will look like this:

    // Fixed Sidebar
    // unComment this only whe you have a fixed-sidebar
    $(window).bind("load", function() {
        if($("body").hasClass('fixed-sidebar')) {
                height: '100%',
                railOpacity: 0.9,

Fixed navbar

Fixed navbar is a top navbar that is sticked on screen.

To add fixed sidebar you need to add .fixed-nav class to body.

    <body class="fixed-nav">

Next we will need to change navbar from static to fixed in app/views/layouts/_topnavbar.html.erb file. Change .navbar-static-top class to navbar-fixed-top

<nav class="navbar navbar-fixed-top" role="navigation">

Fixed navbar 2

Fixed navbar 2 is a top navbar that is sticked on screen and it's width is the same as the width of wrapper

To add fixed sidebar you need to add .fixed-nav class and .fixed-nav-basic class to body.

    <body class="fixed-nav fixed-nav-basic">

Next we will need to change navbar from static to fixed in app/views/layouts/_topnavbar.html.erb file. Change .navbar-static-top class to navbar-fixed-top

<nav class="navbar navbar-fixed-top" role="navigation">

Fixed navbar 2 works only on primary layout

Fixed footer

Fixed footer is a bottom footer that is sticked on screen.

To add fixed bottom footer you just need to add .fixed class to footer class.

    <div class="footer fixed">

Right-to-Left Language Support

Adding support for language written in a Right-To-Left (RTL) direction.

To add RTL support you will need to add new .rtls class to body element

    <body class="rtls">

Next you will need to add new bootstrap rtl support library bootstrap-rtl. Add new link to css file just below the *= require style in app/assets/stylesheets/application.css.scss page like this:

     *= require bootstrap-rtl/bootstrap-rtl.css

After that you will have RTL support similar to this:

Layout 2

Layout 2 is a top navigation with centered content layout.

For layout 2 we prepared special examples files in Shared folder

  • layout_2.html.erb
  • _topnavbar_2.html.erb

To use layout 2 all you need to do is to specify new layout in your controller like this:

  def dashboard_4
    render :layout => "layout_2"

Layout 2 with example code look like this:

Off canvas menu

Off canvas menu is a menu that not change the width of main wrapper page. It appear on top of the page.

To use off canvas menu you just need to use layout_4.html.erb. The body has special .canvas-manu class and it include special _navigationoffcnavas.


Inspinai theme has 3 diferent skins

To change skin you just have to add skin class to body element.

For example: to add skin Blue skin you just need to add .skin-1 class to body element.

In SCSS files skins.scss you can find style for the skin. Below is a representation of css classes demand color skin.

  • .skin-1 - Blue Light
  • .skin-2 - Inspinia Ultra {for support with Inspinai Ultra please contact with support@webapplayers.com}
  • .skin-3 - Yellow/purple
  • .md-skin - Material Design Skin (In demo Inspinia Material Design version has also fixed sidebar and fixed navbar option)
  • Defaut skin does not need any class

Theme config

Theme config is the configuration box for setting options in live preview. It is placed in the right side of page with green icon.

If you want to remove the config box all you need to do is to remove <%= render 'layouts/skinconfig' %> from application.html.erb file


It is an application skeleton for a typical Ruby on Rails web app. You can use it to quickly bootstrap your rails webapp projects and dev environment for these projects.

It is a best start for new app. It has all needed scripts and style.

Change log 2.5 -> 2.6

    New view files
  • views/forms/autocomplete.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/datamaps.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/pdf_viewer.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/social_buttons.html.erb
  • views/uielements/helper_classes.html.erb

  • Changed views files
  • views/dashboard/dashboard_1.html.erb - update script for new Chartjs version
  • views/dashboard/dashboard_3.html.erb - update script for new Chartjs version
  • views/dashboard/dashboard_4.html.erb - update script for new Chartjs version
  • views/dashboard/dashboard_4_1.html.erb - update script for new Chartjs version
  • forms/advanced.html.erb - add new features: input tag, dual select
  • forms/file_upload.html.erb - add new input components, update dropzone
  • graphs/chartjs.html.erb - update script for new Chartjs version
  • tables/data_tables.html.erb - remove jeditable library

  • New Inspinia js files
  • public/pdf/example.pdf
  • public/api/typehead_collection.json

  • Changed Inspinia js files
  • inspinia.js - update click functions

  • Updates
  • vendor/assets/javascript/dropzone
  • vendor/assets/javascript/fullcalendar
  • vendor/assets/javascript/chartJs
  • vendor/assets/javascript/summernote
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/animate.css

  • New plugins
  • vendor/assets/javascript/bootstrap-taginput
  • vendor/assets/javascript/dualListbox
  • vendor/assets/javascript/pdfjs
  • vendor/assets/javascript/topojson
  • vendor/assets/javascript/typehead
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrapSocial

  • Add styles for new pages
  • Fix menu jumping issue
  • Improve print mode for Firefox
  • Improve chosen colors
  • Fix boxes layout with md-skin
  • Improve custom swithc style
  • Add few new css classes - helper classes

Change log 2.4 -> 2.5

2.5 version fully focused on update AngularJS projects. New features and views will be added to separate 2.6 version.

Change log 2.3 -> 2.4

    New view files
  • views/graphs/c3charts.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/clipboard.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/i18support.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/loading_buttons.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/tour.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/truncate.html.erb
  • views/commerce/cart.html.erb
  • views/forms/markdown.html.erb
  • views/uielements/resizable_panels.html.erb

  • Changed views files
  • views/layouts/_navigation.html.erb - add new menu elements for new views
  • miscellaneous/agile_board.html.erb - add example code for serialize list
  • forms/advanced.html.erb - add new Touch spin control
  • landing/index.html.erb - update page-scroll click event to close menu on select in mobile
  • layouts/_skinconfig.html.erb - add new option for fixed nav bar
  • tables/data_tables..html.erb - replace old swf buttons with new button plugin (update datatables library)
  • uielements/video.html.erb - add script for handle full screen video option

  • New Inspinia js files
  • public/locales/en.json
  • public/locales/es.json

  • Changed Inspinia js files
  • inspinia.js - update fix_height function
  • inspinia.js - update SmoothlyMenu function

  • Updates
  • bootstrap - update to 3.3.6
  • dataTables - create on compact datatables generate in official builder: https://datatables.net/download/index
  • pace - update to 1.0.2

  • New plugins
  • vendor/assets/javascript/c3
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/c3
  • vendor/assets/javascript/bootstrap-markdow
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap-markdow
  • vendor/assets/javascript/d3
  • vendor/assets/javascript/clipboard
  • vendor/assets/javascript/dotdotdot
  • vendor/assets/javascript/i18next
  • vendor/assets/javascript/ladda
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/ladda
  • vendor/assets/javascript/touchspin
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/touchspin
  • vendor/assets/javascript/bootstrapTour
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/bootstrapTour

  • New images
  • app/assets/images/flags- Set of flags images

  • Add styles for new pages
  • Fix buttons shadow on Chrome
  • Fix dropdown text colour on md-skin
  • Fix pace.js on fixed navbar option
  • Fix few glitch animation effect
  • Improve nav-tabs on mobile devices
  • Fix second level menu on md-skin
  • Improve RTL mode
  • Add new fixed navbar option
  • Ipmore print mode

Change log 2.0/2.1 -> 2.2

Change log 2.2 -> 2.3

    New view files
  • views/appviews/contacts_two.html.erb
  • views/appviews/profile_two.html.erb
  • views/appviews/vote_list.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/masonry.html.erb
  • views/ecommerce/product_detail.html.erb
  • views/ecommerce/payments.html.erb
  • views/dashboards/dashboard_5.html.erb
  • views/gallery/slick_carusela.html.erb

  • Changed views files
  • views/layouts/_navigation.html.erb - add new menu elements for new views
  • views/forms/advanced.html.erb - Add select2 examples
  • views/uielements/tabs_panels.html.erb - add example of fullscreen panel and slim scroll panel

  • New Inspinia js files
  • No new files

  • Changed Inspinia js files
  • inspinia.js - Add function for handle full screen ibox

  • Updates
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/dataTables - update to 1.10.8
  • bootstrap - update to 3.3.5

  • New plugins
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/slick (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/select2 (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/masonry

  • New images
  • images/landing - Full folder of images used in landing page

  • New images
  • css/patterns- Add images for header in Material Design skin

  • Add styles for new pages
  • Add new md-skin styles
  • Fix ibox-tools when title is large
  • Fix landing page menu on small devices
  • Fix modal open backdrop with animate.css effect
  • Fix dropdown orientation under ibox
  • Fix profile menu on fixed sidebar

Change log 2.0/2.1 -> 2.2

    New view files
  • views/graphs/chartist.html.erb
  • views/metrics/index.html.erb
  • views/appviews/social_feed.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/sweet_alert.html.erb
  • views/tables/foo_tables.html.erb
  • views/uielements/tabs.html.erb
  • views/landing/index.html.erb (incorporate to admin)
  • views/ecommerce/orders.html.erb
  • views/ecommerce/product_edit.html.erb
  • views/ecommerce/products_grid.html.erb
  • views/ecommerce/products_list.html.erb

  • Changed views files
  • views/layouts/_navigation.html.erb - add new menu elements for new views
  • views/layouts/_navigation.html.erb - added ".metismenu" class to nav element id="side-menu" (new version of metisMenu)
  • views/appviews/article.html.erb - Add example of comments section
  • views/forms/advanced.html.erb - Add new new plugins
  • views/uielements/tabs_panels.html.erb - add example of footer to panel and initial collapsed panel
  • views/miscellaneous/chat_view.html.erb - Add left/right class to chat panels
  • views/landing/index.html.erb - Add new sections: timeline and comments

  • New Inspinia js files
  • No new files

  • Changed Inspinia js files
  • inspinia.js - Update fix_height for handle height wrapper on fixed-nav

  • Updates
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/metisMenu - update to 2.0.2
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/slimscrol - update to 1.3.6
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/jvectormap - update to 2.0.2
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/fullcalendar/moment.min.js - update to 2.9.0

  • New plugins
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/clockpicker (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/daterangepicker (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/footable (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/sweetalert (with css files)
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/chartist
  • vendor/assets/stylesheets/awesome-bootstrap-checkbox

  • New images
  • images/landing - Full folder of images used in landing page

  • Add styles for new pages
  • Add new metisMenu style
  • Add landing page styles
  • Add chat-discussion left/right class
  • Fix z-index of modal-dialog
  • Fix margins on wrapper when fixed-nav is enabled

Change log 2.0 - 2.1

Version 2.1 is mainly focused on MeteorJS to provide Meteor version.

Please stay tuned for 2.2 version to get new features for Ruby on Rails version.

Change log 1.9 -> 2.0

    New view files
  • views/appviews/article.html.erb
  • views/appviews/blog.html.erb
  • views/appviews/clients.html.erb
  • views/appviews/issue_tracker.html.erb
  • views/appviews/outlook_view.html.erb
  • views/appviews/teams_board.html.erb
  • views/layoutoptions/off_canvas.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/agile_board.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/diff.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/idle_timer.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/live_favicon.html.erb
  • views/miscellaneous/spinners.html.erb
  • views/pages/forgot_password.html.erb
  • views/layouts/_navigationoffcanvas.html.erb
  • views/layouts/_rightsidebar.html.erb
  • views/layouts/_layout_3.html.erb
  • views/layouts/_layout_4.html.erb

  • Changed views files
  • views/layouts/application.html.erb - Add new right sidebar
  • views/layouts/_navigation.html.erb - Add new menu elements
  • views/layouts/_topnavbar.html.erb - Add new menu element for right sidebar
  • views/miscellaneous/chat_view.html.erb - Add small-chat element
  • views/appviews/faq.html.erb - Fix the collapse effect - Create new div element .faq-answer before p answer.

  • New Inspinia js files
  • No new files

  • Changed Inspinia js files
  • app/assets/javascripts/inspinia.js - Update fix_height function, add local storage handler, add functions for small-chat and right-sidebar

  • Updates
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/pace - update Pace to 1.0
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/morris/morris.js - update to 0.5

  • New plugins
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/diff_match_patch - Google algorithm for diff functionality
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/preetyTextDiff - jQuery plugin for dif
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/idle_timer
  • vendor/assets/javascripts/tinycon

  • New images
  • app/assets/images/full_height.jpg
  • app/assets/images/off_canvas.jpg

  • Add styles for new pages
  • Improve btn-link
  • variables.scss - change url to image-url helper
  • Add colapsed class for initial collapsed ibox
  • Fix margins for footer with sidebar fixed
  • Fix responsive in login page

  • New Controllers
  • No new files

  • Update Controllers
  • app/controllers/appviews.rb - add new pages for views
  • app/controllers/pages.rb - add new pages for views
  • app/controllers/miscellaneous.rb - add new pages for views
  • app/controllers/layoutsoptions.rb - add new pages for views

  • Updates .rb files
  • config/routes.rb - add new routes

  • New public files
  • public/favicon.ico

Change log 1.9.2

First version of Inspinai Ruby on Rails - Initial released.

Please stay tuned for 2.0 version to get new features and improvements.


Contact as with email: support@webapplayers.com